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Our formation guides us to a path of gradual transformation into Christ’s person and mission, thus opening our hearts and minds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit towards the Father.

Inspired by the virtues and examples of Mary, the first catechized and the first catechist, we live our faith, joyful and humble obedience, love for the poor and simplicity of life.

Stages of Formation



The Aspirancy stage of formation is a time to accompany the young woman who seeks admission to the institute in her discernment of her call to the religious life. The focus of aspirancy is to introduce the candidate to the RCM lifestyle that puts emphasis on Mary's simplicity and humility. ( C 53 )


The Postulancy stage of formation is a time of preparatiom for the Novitiate. During this phase, the postulant seeks to clarify her own suitability for religious life and her calling to our institute. This probation period, preliminary to the novitiate , intends to give time for the postulant to get aquainted with the way of life and apostolate of the institute and to evaluate her suitability for the religious life. In this stage of formation, we emphasize Mary's unwavering faith. ( C 54 )


 0198 Novitiate

 The Novitiate is a two year period of training and initiation into the real spirit and essential  requirements of religious life. In this stage of formation, the Novice grows in intimacy with God through prayer and solitude and understand more deeply her vocation as Religious Catechists of Mary. In the formation program, emphasis is given on Mary''s joyful and humble obedience to the will of the Father. ( C 55 )



 First year - Canonical year

 Second year - Exposure to our different communities




10Professed Sister

The Juniorate ( 5 years)

The Juniorate is the period of preparation for a lifelong commitment to a total self giving for a freely chosen, lifetime consecration to God. The Junior sister shares in the life and mission of the Institute. To grow in faith and in joyful and humble obedience to God and in discipleship like Mary, she is assigned to the different apostolates of the Institute. She also continues her theological and prefessional formation. ( C 63 )

Tertianship Program ( 1 year )

       Tertianship is a program for immediate preparation for perpetual profession of the Junior sister. In the duration, there are two main thrusts: a. reflective and prayerful atmosphere; b. review of life, emphasizing Mary's perseverance all in preparation for a lifetime commitment to Christ. ( C 70 )

On-Going Formation

     The on-going stage of formation aims to grow and sustain a quality level of spiritual and apostolic life among the final professed sisters. It seeks to deepen our relationship with God as we, like Mary totally surrender ourselves to God's will and live the contemplative and active dimensions of our religious life. The gift of self is made to God more genuinely and with greater generosity; it extends to others with greater serenity and wisdom as well as simplicity and richness of grace. ( C 74 )